Check Cashing

Check Cashing

Check Cashing is yet another popular form of financial transaction, which is bit different from other money lending process like payday loans, installment loans etc. Interest rates for check cashing is very low compared to other forms of loans Check Cashing can be done in the following cases.

When you have the check but don’t have the account by the name in the bank to deposit the check. Secondly, when you need money in advance but the check date is of future.

Check cashing is done by banks and other financial institutes and their charges will differ from one to another. Few charges in percent terms depending upon the check amount, say 2% to 5 % and other charge few USD on per check basis. One needs to check that with the bank he is dealing with. It’s the simplest form of money lending process among the available other options. Cash Cashing are quite simple to get money and not much work is required from both side.

Few of the extra benefits in dealing with us for check cashing are:

  • There are various types of check like government,  payroll, personal, money orders, two-party, cashier’s checks etc. and cash cashing is done by  us for all the types of  checks.
  • We provide the most convenient and fast service that you can expect from any one.
  • We do check cashing for any amount of check, however big or small.
  • We are totally transparent in our service charges.
  • We stringently follow the government rules and regulations
  • We provide immediate cash.
  • Our dedicated customer service team strives hard to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and believe in long term business with the client.

We don’t have any weekends for check cashing and pay you instant money on any day and time.